Underground Power

This is when you need power from the Ausnet grid to your property. Ausnet will get the power to your property location but from there you will need to get the power to your house/shed or any location that needs electricity.

There are 2 ways of doing this, one is by poles and wires above ground and the other is by underground cabling. If you need power to the site and if it is over 40 metres, you are better off going underground. Going above ground often becomes difficult and expensive. Sometimes you do not even have a choice as the poles and wires option is just not available.

Like most other states, Victoria requires new subdivisions to be provided with underground power connections. In rural areas of Victoria, householders are encouraged to run the line from the nearest distribution point to the house underground. While still a small proportion of the total kilometres of distribution lines, this option is gaining favour.

E-Tec Electrical can give you a safe underground cable that is efficient and cost-effective.

We can help you with all the necessary applications and paperwork that it takes to have your power supply approved.

E-Tec will help with your building plans.

If you are building a new property, we can help you with your existing plans to make sure that everything is done right. We will then negotiate with Ausnet to ensure that you get the right price.

Some of the advantages of underground cabling

  • Sometimes you don’t have the choice
  • Overhead wires may come with restrictions
  • There are less faults with underground electricity
  • Less accidental contact
  • Aesthetically pleasing – no wires hanging over your property
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