Underground Cable locations

Underground Cable locations – why it is so important to get it right.

Starting a project on your property?

If you are looking to change or add any electrical cabling to your property, there are some things you should consider.  The first being that you need to find the underground cable locations.  Our service helps homeowners avoid potential damages to any surrounding infrastructure asset(s) when undertaking projects, such as:

  • New fencing
  • Driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Mailbox installation
  • Pools

Be aware of underground assets (Underground Cable locations)

Before you start any project be aware asset owners (Electricity and gas companies for example) may seek compensation for any damage caused to their asset, regardless if a Dial Before You Dig enquiry has been lodged.  Any type of excavation around the home can cause damage(s) to surrounding infrastructure assets. Proceed with caution and follow the Duty of Care.

Infrastructure asset(s) can be anywhere, and underground assets may be closer to the surface than expected; which is why asking E-Tec Electrical to help is The Essential First Step.

Here’s how we help.

  • We will lodge a Dial Before You Dig enquiry prior to starting any excavation or work site project. This way we will receive plans from registered asset owners to locate any affected infrastructure asset.
  • Plan(s) DO NOT pinpoint the exact location of the infrastructure asset only the presence of them. Therefore, Duty of Care must be exercised when working around any infrastructure assets.
  • We will ascertain the depth or alignment of pipes and cables.
  • For any excavation project, we always proceed with caution and follow the 5Ps of Safe Excavation.
  • If further assistance is required, contact the infrastructure asset owners directly using the numbers provided on the plan(s).
  • We are a Dial Before You Dig Certified Locator
  • We will keep a record of the information and any notes you make in case damage has occurred to an infrastructure asset(s).

Before you dig

Any excavation, irrespective of size, has the potential to damage assets located around the worksite, leading to service interruptions, delays to the project, costly repairs and in the worst-case scenario, injury or death.

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