Hybrid 2 phase power supply – Gruyere

3phase power supply

We recently completed an installation of a grid-connected, 2 phase power supply at a property in Gruyere. We talked to our client and the owner of the property to find out a bit more about his property and why he decided to have such a system installed.


“The electricity supply was insufficient”

“We built on a large block of land and have a substantial house. The unfortunate thing about this was the electricity supply was insufficient as it was only a single-phase supply. This means that it was impossible to have full electricity. What we needed was ‘more’ power supply. To add to this, we did not have mains gas supply. That means everything is all on electricity: heating, cooling, cooking, the lot.

The grid was only single-phase so they would have had to increase the power supply. This was a staggering $700,000 charge for us to put in at our own expense. So instead we decided to get a renewable energy system put in. Glad we did as we felt that we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint anyway.

Our builder suggested we talk to Stuart and the guys at E-Tec Electrical as they always use them on their buildings. So, we called them in to have a look at what we could do. They were great, very personable. They designed a system specifically for us which included a mixture of solar panels and battery storage.

The system is really good, it gives us control over our power. We are still on the grid using the single-phase but most of our power comes from our own energy generation. We now can supply all of our appliances and only need the grid for the times that it’s absolutely required.”

“Our electricity bills are much lower”

“Believe it or not, our electricity bills are much lower than our old home which had gas mains for heating. This is great considering the new house is 3 times the size. It is modern, with a 6-star energy rating with European windows, so this all helps.

The system has a lot of intelligence within it. Things like monitoring that will allow us to take even more control over our power creation and what we do with that power. However, we are not on the internet yet, this is coming in a few weeks. But when we do, we will be able to do a lot of the intelligent things that E-tec had designed the system to do. That we look forward to.”


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